8th IST-IME Meeting
2022-09-05 — 2022-09-09

Map Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa, Portugal

This meeting, whose scope comprises Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations and related topics, aims to promote integration of researchers of both IST and IME (and other institutions), with the presentation of research works and plenary lectures of the participants.

This edition will honor Giorgio Fusco, who has been a major contributor to the IST-IME link.


School on Mirror Symmetry and Moduli Spaces
2022-06-27 — 2022-07-01

@ Department of Mathematics, Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa

The purpose of this Workshop-School to bring together researchers working on different mirror symmetry phenomena occuring in moduli spaces. Along with cutting-edge research talks, there will be four introductory mini courses addressed to students and young researchers in differential geometry, algebraic geometry, theoretical physics and related areas. 


Emilio Franco (CAMGSD-IST, Universidade de Lisboa)
Ana Peón-Nieto (University of Birmingham)
Tom Sutherland (Vienna).


Workshop on Operator Theory, Complex Analysis, and Applications 2022 / WOTCA 2022
2022-06-20 — 2022-06-24

@ Universidade do Algarve, Faro, Portugal

The Workshop on Operator Theory, Complex Analysis, and Applications 2022 / WOTCA 2022 aims to bring together researchers working in Operator Theory, Complex Analysis, and their applications, namely in Mathematical Physics, and to create an opportunity to highlight the current state of the art in these fields, present open problems and engage in fruitful discussions.

This meeting follows eight previous WOTCA workshops.

Three Nonlinear Days in Coimbra
2022-07-13 — 2022-07-15

@ Universidade de Coimbra

The joint meeting aims at gathering international top-level researchers, whose scientific agenda relates to ongoing projects led by members of the research centers CAMGSD (Centre for Mathematics, Geometry and Dynamical Systems) and CMUC (Centre for Mathematics at University of Coimbra). As a consequence, it expects to broaden local scientific interaction and strengthen pre-existing collaborations. As a by-product, the event also exposes young researchers and advanced graduate students to an environment of scientific excellence. 

The scope of the meeting covers, though it is not limited to, nonlinear analysis, variational problems and methods, regularity theory for elliptic equations, free boundary problems, and related topics. The scientific program comprises two minicourses by J. Carrillo and Y. Sire, eight plenary lectures and four contributed talks.

Registration is free but mandatory.


Edgard A. Pimentel (CMUC, Universidade de Coimbra) 
Hugo Tavares (CAMGSD, Universidade de Lisboa)


Cristina Câmara semi-plenary speaker at IWOTA 2022
2022-10-06 — 2022-10-10

Cristina Câmara will be a semi-plenary speaker at  the 33th International Workshop on Operator Theory and its Applications, IWOTA 2022.

IWOTA is one of the largest continuing conferences attended by the community of researchers in operator theory and its applications (differential  and integral equations, complex analysis and harmonic analysis, linear systems and control theory, mathematical physics, signal processing, numerical analysis). 

Every year IWOTA gathers leading experts from all over the world for an intense exchange of new results and for tracing the future developments in the field. 

IWOTA 2022 will be held  in Kraków, Poland.

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